Structural Door Installation Mt Colah

Many of our clients are looking for structural door installation throughout Sydney.


This job involved both a Structural Door Installation. In addition to this, we installed an additional door and window.


Any building work that involves making changes to the structure of the house by amending load bearing walls requires experienced builders. The builders need to prop up the existing walls to maintain structural integrity. Once the wall is secure, your builder can amend the opening and reinforce the structure to ensure long-term stability.


North Shore Creative Constructions are experienced at performing structural house modifications, like the installation of bi-fold doors.


They believe the key to quality structural door installations lies in the ability to ensure safety while securing the house. Followed by utilising high-quality building materials to continue to support the house once the renovation is complete.


For this structural renovation in Mt Colah, we cut out the wall to create a space to install a sliding door. North Shore Creative Constructions utilised galvanised steel lintels to reinforce the home around the cut. For the door, we installed a Stegbar Cedar Sliding Door.


In addition to the sliding door, we also made another part in an adjacent wall to install a swinging laundry door and window.


While our speciality does not lie in matching house colours, this client asked us to help the painter match the rock coat render colour. We were impressed at the final result as the painter only painted the new areas and we fell that the colour choice resulted in a flawless finish.


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