Bi-Fold Window Installation and Bi-Fold Door Installation

Bi-fold windows and doors are fantastic at creating a natural seamless transition from inside to out.


NorthShore Creative Constructions specialises in bi-fold window installation along with bi-fold door installation.


Every house is different, meaning each bi-fold installation service needs to be tailored to meet the needs of your house. NorthShore Creative Constructions has over 35 years of experience installing windows and doors, and offers workmanship focused on the details.


Bi-Fold Windows bring a practicality to outdoor entertaining while bi-fold doors have the ability to open spaces; breaking down the barriers of inside or out.

Stylish and functional bifold windows and doors will accentuate your homes natural outdoor beauty. View previous bi-fold installations here.


Contact NorthShore Creative Constructions for a bi-fold window and door installation quote.