Garage Door Alteration – Wahroonga

Recently we undertook this garage door alteration to convert two single garages into a double garage.


This structural garage alteration not only modernises the home; it can make the garage easier to manoeuvre within. It gives the home owner a larger open area; making parking easier. It can also be advantageous in giving you more space for storage solutions on the garage sides.


To start the structural garage alteration, we needed to back prop and secure the load bearing walls. This ensures that the brickwork and structural integrity of the garage is not negatively impacted throughout the alterations. We then fit a structural beam to support the garage roof. This structural beam will absorb and evenly disperse the weight of the garage, enabling us to removal the centre pier without issue. We remove the pier only after back propping.


North Shore Creative Constructions choose to use high grade Australian Steel Structural Beams, to ensure quality results and lasting peace of mind with garage door alterations.


Once the garage was structurally sound, Bax doors installed a new garage door with motor for our client.


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