Creating Roof Storage Space in Home Extension West Pennant Hills

Part of a larger home renovation project, this structural roof was designed and built to create accessible roof storage space.


Recently we undertook a complete home extension, building a new bedroom with ensuite for our client. In doing so, we were able to offer design features that enabled them to utilise the roof cavity as storage space. Our builders used full span roof rafters made of LVL Laminated beams cut by hand. This eliminated the need for strutting underneath, therefore freeing up the space available.


The ceiling of the bedroom was built as a load bearing floor to ensure the weight and movement within the storage area would be safe and secure. The client didn’t want an attic ladder due to the loss of storage space. So our team devised a clever way to access the roof storage from the spare bedroom on the second story of the home.


Roof storage space offers a benefit to many renovations not commonly thought of, yet easily achievable.


When looking at roof modifications or home extensions with new roofing; contact our builders to see what storage space options they can bring to your home renovation.


Call 0414 678 974 for an obligation free quote. We guarantee our work and work hard to ensure our customers are happy with their home renovations. 

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