Fixing Termite Damage in Coat Closet – Pennant Hills

Termite damage is both frustrating and can change the structural integrity of your house.


It is best to ensure your builder takes the time to correctly access the damage. They can then suggest any structural building requirements or simple changes needed to fix the damage. In this case, not only did we need to fix the internal damage in the closet, we also needed to rebuild their deck. The previous deck sat above the house weep holes, which enabled access to the house for the termites. Thus, we needed to remove that deck and ensure that the new deck was lower and suspended to reduce the termite risk further. It is imperative that your home is structurally sound and that fixes are made to damage both seen and hidden behind walls.


Termites were found in the wall of this coat closet. After termite treatment was undertaken, we could begin fixing the termite damage.

To do so, our builders had to remove two walls within the closet. Once the walls were removed, we repaired the damaged beams. Once repaired, we completed the renovation by gyprocking the walls and putting in cornices. In addition to fixing the walls we installed a new floating floor, a hanging bar and a shelf.


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