Deck Replacement Due To Termite Damage

From previous termite damage, this deck replacement build involved thought and clever planning to reduce the risk of reoccurring issues.


Unfortunately for our clients, a previously poorly built paved deck allowed termites into their house, causing a mass of trouble. The paved deck was higher than the house weep holes which gave termites access to the house. Consequently they needed to fix the deck and the termite damage in the house.


After removing the existing pavers and paving sand and break up the existing concrete slab, to ensure the new deck remained under the weep holes. It was also decided to build it as a suspended deck to be able to check for termites.


The structure for the deck was built with treated pine bearers and joists with joist protectors. Pacific Jarrah decking boards were chosen. Their deep red colour makes them look great, while and the Pacific Jarrah doesn’t tend to bleed, so it will not leave stains. Its label as a dense Class 1 timber makes them ideal for decking that will last a long time, if cared for properly. The Pacific Jarrah boards were fixed with 75mm Stainless Steel batten screws.


Once complete we sealed it with decking oil which penetrates the timber and provides a natural look and protection. Giving it a thorough seal, we were able to saturate the grains and protect the timber.


The deck lead to a striking entry way with a Surian Cedar Front door with lighted entry, accentuating the beautiful wood surrounding it.


If you have a deck in need a repair or replacement, contact North Shore Creative Constructions for a quote.

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