Structural Home Alterations Sydney

North Shore Creative Constructions are qualified and experienced at completing structural home alterations throughout Sydney.

Structural home alterations require an experienced and confident builder to ensure that your house is adequately supported throughout the building process and until the new beams are in place and ready to bear the weight required.


Many of the key Structural Home Alterations in Sydney that we are often asked to undertake include:


Structural Bi-Fold Door Installation

Bi-Fold Doors are a beautiful way to open your home and create a larger living space. Many Bi-Fold Door installations require a structural builder to carefully remove any load bearing walls, replacing them with steel beams to ensure the integrity of the house, while opening up the area for large unobstructed access.


Structural Garage Alterations

When modernising homes, many clients look to convert a two-door garage to a one-door garage with garage brick pier removal. In undertaking these jobs, the garage needs to be supported structurally while the pier is removed and have high quality steel beams put into place to ensure that the garage construction will remain strong and viable long term.


Open Plan Living

Converting existing homes to have a modern open plan living layout often involves the removal or modification of load bearing walls. As an end-to-end builder, North Shore Creative Constructions will be able to help you with any structural home alterations required as well as all other building jobs (i.e., tiling, cabinetry, window installation) to ensure your renovation is completed by one building company who focus on keeping their customers well informed and part of the process throughout the build.


Experienced at structural home alterations in Sydney, North Shore Creative Constructions warrants our structural building work for 6 years.


If you are seriously considering a structural alteration, we would be happy to provide an obligation free quote.