Make Your Home a Better Place to Be with Our Home Extension Services

At North Shore Creative Construction, our home extension services are all about helping people turn their current residences into their all-time dream homes. This year especially, with more people spending more time at home, the importance of having a place where it’s a pleasure to spend time has been highlighted. With an experienced building and design team and a reputation for quality workmanship and exemplary customer satisfaction, we are the company to help you realise your vision for a new and improved home.

Related Services We Provide to Home Extensions on the North Shore

Our house extensions on the North Shore can fall into an array of different categories. As you will see if you take a look through photos of our past projects, we aren’t afraid of the challenge that comes with trying a rich variety of work. However, our home extensions on the North Shore typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Outdoor entertainment areas. We love outdoor entertaining—almost as much as we love helping homeowners turn unused outdoor space into the favourite part of their home. Again, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a heightened level of interest for outdoor entertainment areas. Meals, cocktail hours, and other gatherings that used to take place in kitchens, living rooms or dining rooms now seem more likely to take place outdoors, at least for the foreseeable future. In this context, now might be the perfect time to invest in a beautiful outdoor space. Our crew can help you create virtually any kind of outdoor living area you might have in mind, be it a deck, a patio, a pool area. We can also help with a BBQ/outdoor cooking space, an outdoor pavilion or pergola, an alfresco area or what you have in mind. We can also install bi-fold doors, which are perfect for creating free-flowing indoor/outdoor spaces.
  • Bathroom renovations. Have you always dreamed of having a luxurious, spa-like master bathroom? How about a gleaming guest bathroom that never fails to draw enthusiastic praise from your visitors? We regularly take on bathroom renovation projects, whether your goal is to modernise an older space or add style, functionality and practicality to a bathroom that isn’t quite measuring up to your vision.
  • Small or medium extensions or renovations. Bathrooms aren’t the only part of the house that we can renovate. We love taking on small or medium home extensions or renovation projects and then bringing them to life with our superb level of attention to detail. Whether you are trying to add more space to your home or make better use of the space you already have, our team can bring ideas and craftsmanship to the table to make a big difference.

Renovations, buildouts, or house extensions on the Northern Beaches our labours of love for our team, simply because we know how much difference even a small renovation can make in a client’s life. We hope you’ll consider us as a partner for your next project!

house with wooden floors and grey walls
house with wooden floors, doors and stairs

What You Can Expect from North Shore Creative Constructions Regarding Home Extension Services

Just as buying a home is a major investment, deciding to pursue Northern Beaches home extensions or renovations often involves a significant financial commitment. How can you know that you are trusting the right company to see your project through to satisfactory completion? Here are a few expectations you can count on us to meet:

  • You will have an experienced team in your corner. We started this particular business two years ago but have actually been doing work with house extensions and renovations for much longer. Indeed, we bring more than 35 years of experience to the table. Our experience is typically our core selling point to customers, particularly those seeking to build out more complicated, ornate, or high-end projects.
  • You will get a seven-year guarantee on our work. It is our humble belief that all builders should be willing to stand behind their work for years after the finishing touches are painted or nailed into place. We offer a seven-year guarantee on all the work we do so that our customers can rest easy knowing that we have taken the time and put in the work to deliver some of the finest quality assurances in the business.
  • You will have access to knowledge that spans indoor and outdoor spaces. So many home renovations companies these days focus squarely on just two types of rooms: kitchens and bathrooms. While these rooms are the most expensive in the home, and typically the most in-demand among homeowners (and thus the most lucrative for builders) they are of course just a small part of the home. Our experience and knowledge spans indoor and outdoor areas alike, with our background in outdoor living areas especially setting us apart from many of the businesses that do home extensions on the Northern Beaches.

Why Trust North Shore Creative Constructions with Your Northern Beaches Home Extensions?

When you hire us for help with your Northern Beaches house extensions, you are getting a team committed to your vision and your satisfaction. At the start of every project, we take the time to sit down with the client and plan the project alongside them. From there, we design and build according to your ideas. Once the work is done, we will never call the project done—or even leave the worksite—until we know the client is completely happy. Finally, since we are a small owner-operator business, you will always be working directly with the owner, which many clients see as a big source of trust and peace of mind.

Bottom line, you can count on us to see your project to completion with care and craft, regardless of whether it is an outdoor pergola or a dining room renovation. Contact us today to learn more.