Enjoy the Outdoors with Our Premium Decking Installation at Your Home

North Shore Creative Constructions is our family’s pride and passion. We can help you to improve your quality of life by transforming your home’s outdoor spaces into places where you can relax and enjoy life through our premium decking installation.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Pool Decking Installation

Maybe you are pondering on the idea of decks installation but aren’t convinced quite yet. Let’s explore some of the magnificent features you can enjoy in the comfort of your home when you call on our decking services to transform your outdoor spaces.

  • We tend to the finest details of every installation and project we commit to and ensure you of only the most comfortable deck. You can relax in the sun or enjoy the cool summer breeze underneath a starry night.
  • We can recommend the best decking timber to suit your home maintenance needs while withstanding the Australian climate.
  • Do you have a specific exterior section of your home where there is unsightly pipes or drains? We can cover it up with the most magnificent deck and transform the sore eye into a deck showcasing the possibilities of your property.
  • Do you like to entertain often? Not only is a deck a wonderful setting for such an event, but also increases the floor size of your home at minimal costs. It is truly an investment not only in your property’s value, but also your social life.

Related Services We Provide to Decks Services

Before we opted to go independent and start our family business two years ago, we’ve spent around 30 years in the building and renovations industry. It is a period that provided us with a wealth of knowledge, skilled hands and a strong network of suppliers. It is why our service range stretches far wider than only deck installations.

  • Are you ready to revamp your home? We can assist with internal structural changes and minimise the mess you would have to live in while you transform the interior of your home.
  • Privacy can become a sensitive topic, especially if you have peeping neighbours. Protect your private time to spend with your loved ones with the help of privacy screens. It is truly an elegant way to transform your home into a private sanctuary.
  • Upgrade your bathroom and add some glamour to your early morning rituals or make it the relaxing haven you desire in the evening when you want to let the day’s stress dissolve with the bubbles in your bath.

These are merely a few of the ways how our trusted team can transform your home.

About North Shore Creative Constructions

We believe that nothing except perfection is good enough before we sign off on any of our projects. Tasks which we only consider as completed once customer satisfaction is evident. We offer a seven-year warranty on all our projects to give you the confidence you desire in our workmanship. Our success is the result of always adhering to the following guidelines: transparency, reliability, flexibility and quality.

Do you need to give your home a new appeal? Speak to us, and let’s find the solutions you desire.