Laundry Door Replacement Pennant Hills

In part of renovating this house, the window and laundry door replacement was undertaken.


Modernising the laundry was simple with a beautiful timber window and door installation. The double hung window is ideal to help remove much of the laundry room moisture with the ability to open the bottom, or top window, or both, if the dryer is going. This flexibility is idyllic to cope with changing weather conditions along with laundry requirements.


The laundry door replacement was chosen to match the timber windows. The Window sat higher than the door, so Cladding was removed from the fixed panel above the door. In doing this, the frame for the door and window is aligned, making the overall look better.  Glass was inserted into the cavity and allowed for more natural lighting into the room.


Window and Door Replacement is a speciality of North Shore Creative Constructions.


Our builders can help you with structural door requirements, so you are no longer limited by what was there. Rather you can create an improved area.


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