Cavity Door Installation Pennant Hills

To modernise their house, this client was updating the internal doors and installing a cavity door slider.


Updating the doors within your house can be a great way to change the overall look and feel of the house. By utilising doors with glass, the client has modernised their space while keeping it light and the areas within the rooms are still visible.


Part of this job involved installing a cavity door.

A cavity door is when the door opens by sliding into the wall and ‘disappearing’.

Each cavity door installation is different based on the build of your house, so it is important that we build and modify the cavity to suit each houses’ needs. Once that is done, the cavity door can be installed.


A cavity door is a great way to open up the space when entertaining. It is a great option where space is limited and or you want to make a statement about the room without the clutter of the doors. Cavity doors are a great space saving solution for smaller areas or to maximise the space you have.


If you are looking to change your internal doors or potentially open up your space with a cavity door; contact North Shore Creative Constructions on 0414 678 974.

Our builder would be happy to discuss your door options and how a cavity door could work in your home.

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